Condemnation & Land Use Litigation

From land acquisition to site development, Wall Templeton attorneys have the experience to help protect your investment in real property.

We represent sellers and purchasers to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of real estate contracts including agency or broker contracts.  Our services in this area cover numerous issues including: eminent domain, easements, zoning, appraisals, restrictive covenants, leases, agent commissions, depreciation, and relocation.  We also tackle environmental issues, such as stormwater drainage and various forms of pollution.

After you acquire your property, our attorneys can assist you in preventing both governmental and private concerns from inflicting actual damage upon your property or eroding its market value, whether by inverse condemnation, eminent domain, trespass, nuisance, derogation of title, or leasehold enforcement.  If the taking only affects part of your property, then Wall Templeton can pursue your remedies for damage inflicted upon the remainder.

Regardless of whether you are considering property development or mitigating environmental concerns, we will take the utmost care – through negotiation, mediation, or formal proceedings – to resolve any disputes in the swiftest and most efficient manner possible.